Main Menu

At No1 Kitchen we are passionate about food. Our menu has been designed with an interactive dining style in mind giving our customers the option to share or Mix and match.


Kick off with one our tasty Appeteasers, you can indulge on your own or build your own platters to share with your group.

  Flippers  – Smoked Mackerel and shredded Tuna dressed with horseradish, served with toast dippers

  Cheesy G Bread (V) – Home seasoned garlic bread toasted and topped with melted cheddar

  So Cal Strips  – Southern fried chicken strips, served with spicy Cajun mayo

  Leaning Tower (V) – Slices of fresh tomato and mozzarella drizzled with pesto and olive oil

  Brie Wedges (V) – Home breaded brie wedges, served with sweet cranberry

  Calamari  – Home battered calamari, served with zesty lime and coriander mayo

  Garlicky Skewers (V) – Garlic mushroom skewers, served with garlic mayo 

Get creative and mix & match our Appeteasers to create your own sharer… 1 for £5.25      3 for £15.50      5 for £25.75


Are simply what we do and something we do well

All our burgers are handmade daily by our Chefs and chargrilled to perfection. So succulent and juicy you won’t be able to resist! All burgers are served in a toasted bun with lettuce, mayo, red onion and relish unless stated otherwise.

Beef Burgers

                                                                                                                Classic – Classic beef    £7.25                                                                                                                    Add Monteray Jack Cheese   £7.75  

Jack D – Classic beef smothered in Jack Daniel’s BBQ glaze topped with Monteray Jack Cheese   £8.75

All American – Classic beef topped with bacon ,Monteray Jack Cheese, gherkin and mustard   £8.75

Wellington Classic – beef topped with a grilled flat mushroom finished off with horseradish mayo and rocket   £8.50

Marmalade – Classic beef topped with melted Brie finished off with red onion marmalade   £ 8.50

Jalapeno Popper – Classic beef topped with sour cream, salsa, jalapenos and Monteray Jack Cheese   £8.50

Bacon & Eggs – Classic beef burger topped with crispy bacon and a fried egg finished off with a tomato relish   £8.75 

Feeling Blue – Classic beef smothered in blue cheese finished off with balsamic glaze and rocket   £8.95

Buster – A belly busting combination of classic beef, chargrilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, Monteray Jack cheese smothered in BBQ sauce   £11.50

Our Signature BEEF Burger…

No.1 Tower – Our classic beef doubled stacked topped with crispy bacon and Monteray Jack Cheese, served witha Minnie of your choice and onion rings on top! Ideal for those with big appetites or just feeling adventurous!   £12.95


Chicken Burgers

All chicken burgers are served in a toasted bun with lettuce, mayo, red onion and relish unless stated otherwise. Any additions to the burgers may carry a charge.

Royale – Chargrilled Chicken Breast   £7.50

So Cal – Southern Fried chicken breast oozing with spicy Cajun mayo   £7.75

Caesar – Chargrilled chicken breast topped with crispy bacon and grated parmesan finished off with Caesar dressing   £8.50 

Sweet Chilli – Chargrilled chicken breast coated in a sticky sweet chilli sauce   £7.75

Milano – Chargrilled chicken breast topped with mozzarella, finished off with pesto and rocket   £8.75

Hunter – Chargrilled chicken breast topped with crispy bacon and Monteray Jack Cheese, finished off with BBQ Sauce   £8.75

Hoisin Chick – Chargrilled chicken breast topped with crunchy cucumber, spring onion finished off with rich Hoisin sauce   £8.50

Chachalaca – Cajun spiced chargrilled chicken breast topped with sour cream, salsa and guacamole   £8.50


Alternative Burgers

Minted Lamb –  Homemade minted lamb burger finished off with minted mayo   £9.25

No.1 Pulled Pork – Homemade pulled pork smothered in BBQ Sauce topped with creamy No1 Slaw   £8.50

Bella Bello (V) – Grilled flat mushroom topped with melted Stilton finished off with red onion marmalade   £8.25

Sweet Delight (V) – Home breaded sweet potato patty served with tomato chutney finished off with garlicky mayo   £8.25


Go bunless with any of our burgers! Swap the bun for our tasty Mixed Side Salad!

Hot Stones

Hot Stones are a new and fun way to dine. Your meat will be cooked to temperature by our Chefs however served on a hot stone to continue to sizzle in front of your eyes making every bite as hot and delicious as the last!


All our steaks are 100% Red Tractor Assured British Beef.  To ensure great flavour our meat is hung for 28 days, seasoned in house and served on our sizzling Hot Stones. Please note your steak will be served slightly under to your requirement, that way you can finish off your Steak just how you like it!  

Sirloin – A great all rounder with distinctive flavour and texture   £18.95

Rump – Rich Meaty flavour with a firm texture   £16.95

Rib Eye – Rich marbling making it tender, bursting with juice and flavour   £19.25

All our steaks are served with grilled tomato and mushroom, with skinny fries& a pot of Homemade Garlic Butter


All our skewers are seasoned and stacked with mixed peppers and red onion served with a dip to compliment your choice.

Chicken – Chicken breast chunks, served with spicy Cajun Mayo   £9.25

Salmon – Salmon Fillet chunks, served with Sweet Chilli Mayo   £10.50

Veggie – Sliced Mediterranean veggies, served with Garlicky Mayo   £7.95


Smother your steak in one of our homemade sauces:

Peppercorn £2.95

Dianne £2.95

Blue Cheese £2.95


We have chosen a selection of our burgers and turned them into “minnies”.  Exactly the same burger just mini!  They are ideal for a lunchtime snack, for the little ones or the not so big eaters.  


Classic (with or without Cheese), Minted Lamb, Royale, Sweet Delight 

1 for £4.50            3 for £12.50

Ribs- £ 16.95

Delicious Baby Back pork Ribs marinated and basted with our house Jack Daniels BBQ glaze and slow cooked for 4 hours. 

Served with a side of skinny fries and our homemade No1 Slaw.



Julius Caesar – Cos lettuce,cheery tomatoes and grilled chicken topped with classic caesar dressing finished off with grated parmesan   £10.50

Atlantic – Grilled Salmon Fillet, fresh mixed leaf salad topped with mixed peppers, cucumber and spring onion. Dressed with a honey and balsamic glaze   £11.50

Bacon and Brie – Crispy Bacon and rich creamy brie, fresh mixed leaf salad, dressed with a sweet Cranberry Vinegarette £10.50              


Skinny Fries £2.75

 Chunky Chips £2.95

 Twister Fries £3.50

Sweet Potato Fries £3.75


No1 Slaw – homemade and creamy £3.25

Homemade Onion Rings £3.50

 Mixed Salad £3.25

Corn on the Cob £3.50


No meal is complete without a dip!  Chose from our delicious selection to compliment your meal…


Homemade Garlicky Mayo

Sweet Chilli

Homemade Red Onion Marmalade

Homemade salsa


Horseradish Mayo

Homemade Guacamole

Homemade Cajun Mayo


Homemade Blue Cheese Mayo

Sour Cream & Chive

1 for £0.75      3 for £2.00      5 for £2.95